AnodizingOur extensive range of custom anodizing capabilities includes forming oxide coatings up to 2.0 mils and permanent finishes in distinct colors. Equipped with over six decades of industry experience and a 50,000 square-foot modern facility with two high-volume anodizing lines, our team is well-poised to fulfill virtually any anodizing project.

Whether a customer is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the automotive, military, or medical industry, we can meet their aluminum anodizing needs.

What Is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrochemical finishing process that results in a durable and corrosion-resistant protective finish. In particular, aluminum is well-suited for anodizing treatments.

In contrast to other finishing processes that apply the coating or finish to the substrate, the anodizing process leverages the aluminum oxide layers that naturally occur in aluminum and increases them in thickness to form a fully integrated surface finish. Depending on the specifications of the anodizing project, the oxide layers can be thickened minimally or to more than 100 times their original thickness.

In addition to their functional benefits, anodized finishes also serve an aesthetic purpose. Industries that require high-quality aesthetic or decorative parts that do not sacrifice durability often employ this finishing process for their parts and products.

US Anodize: Your Source for High-Quality Anodized Metal Parts

At US Anodize, we understand that component anodization is about more than getting the job done. Our customers rely on us to produce high-quality, durable parts that fulfill their project specifications. By choosing us as their anodizing service provider, they benefit from our commitment to quality, which includes:

  • A Quality Management System (QMS) designed and operated within NADCAP AC7004 standards and all applicable customer quality specifications
  • Fully trained inspection personnel
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) measures
  • In-process inspection
  • Monthly environmental testing

With these efforts, we aim to produce and provide anodized products that consistently meet and exceed quality and industry standards.

  • Anodizing Capabilities

    We offer a wide range of anodizing capabilities that use sulfuric acid as the electrolyte solution and nickel acetate seal as the sealing solution. Beyond these two staple factors, anodizing projects can vary greatly in terms of the pretreatment process, anodizing method, coating thickness, and finish color.

    Our anodizing capabilities are as follows:

    Pretreatment: Aluminum pretreatment, Alkaline Cleaner, Caustic Etch, Desmutting, and Bright Dip

    Anodizing Process: Anodizing Type II and III, Bright Dip, Camouflage, Color, Hard Coat, Immersion, Integral Coloring Dyeing, Matte Anodizing, PERMODIZE® (Graphic Anodizing), Satin Anodizing, Sealing, Surface Coating

    Finish Color (dyed and undyed): Black, Blue, Clear, Gold (Yellow), Green, Red, and Custom Colors May be Available

    Coating Thickness: 0.0001 inches (minimum) to 0.002 inches (maximum)

    Maximum Part Size: 10 feet (long) by 16 inches (wide) by 4 feet (high)

    Whether an anodizing project involves small to medium parts, high volume capacities, or military specifications, we can deliver a cost-effective anodizing solution with a fast turnaround. In addition to our anodizing capabilities, we also offer several value-added services, including PERMODIZE®, laser engraving, and packaging and assembly.

  • Applications

    Anodization finds use across a wide range of industrial applications. Typical anodized products include:

    – Automotive components
    – Aerospace parts
    – Bomb ordnance
    – Decorative items
    – Fishing reels
    – Flashlights
    – Internal components
    – Medical components
    – Protective housings
    – Shells
    – Sporting equipment

Contact Us Today for Your Anodizing Needs

The anodizing process offers a wealth of functional and aesthetic benefits. Whether you need more durable or appealing aluminum parts, anodization may be the solution for you.

With over 60 years of experience providing anodizing services, US Anodize has the skills and knowledge to fulfill your anodization needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our extensive range of anodizing capabilities, contact us today. If you’re ready to take the plunge and begin planning your next project, request a quote. Our team is eager to help you get started.


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