Laser EngravingUsing high-speed Fiber and CO2 laser systems, our team produces precise and accurate engravings for functional and aesthetic purposes. Whether a customer’s project calls for decorative designs or necessary product markings such as measurement lines, we can fulfill their needs with high-quality engravings.

Our commitment to always improving and expanding our engraving capabilities also allows us to provide customers with a broader selection of options for their projects.

What Is Laser Engraving?

The laser engraving process allows us to transfer our customers’ designs to an engravable material. The process begins with a graphic layout, transferred to an engraving machine, using a standard printer driver. The machine uses a laser beam to apply intense heat to the surface of the engraving material.

Varying degrees of exposure to the beam create coloring contrasts or burn and evaporate the material, leaving the design engraved into the surface of the material.

US Anodize: Your Source for High-Quality Laser Engraving

At US Anodize, we emphasize the importance of quality in all of our laser engraving projects. We consistently meet our high quality standards and customer specifications by:

  • Paying close attention to each project’s requirements and restrictions
  • Employing a team approach to every project
  • Thoroughly inspecting and measuring every part
  • Performing monthly environmental testing
  • Committing ourselves to Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
  • Using in-process controls
  • Capabilities

    We utilize two laser types to meet the needs of our customers—a 60 watt CO2 laser and a 30 watt fiber laser. With these two machines, we provide a variety of flexible and environmentally friendly engraving services, including:

    – Barcoding
    – Cutting
    – Serializing
    – Unique Identification Marking (UID)
    – Accurate Engraving
    – Permanent Marking
    – White Marking on Anodize
    – Recess Marking on Stainless Steel

    We can create precise, high-resolution images on a broad selection of engraving materials and substrates. Once you send us your technical drawing with artwork and details, we’ll provide you with a quote for our services and execute laser engraving operations according to your specifications.

  • Applications

    Our laser engraving services encompass a wide variety of industrial applications, including: 

    – Automotive parts
    – Barcoding
    – Bicycle Parts
    – Flashlights
    – Firearm Components
    – Hardware tools
    – Hunting equipment
    – Machine parts
    – Medical components and devices
    – Product branding and personalization
    – Protective housings
    – Surgical equipment and instruments

  • Value-Added Services

    At US Anodize, we aim to serve as a one-stop-shop solution for customers to streamline their manufacturing and production projects.

    We meet our objective by providing in-house, value-added services, such as design, fixture creation, and packaging and assembly.

Contact Us Today for Your Laser Engraving Needs

When it comes to meeting engraving needs, the laser engraving process is an ideal solution due to its capacity to deliver highly accurate, precision designs. The expertise of our laser engraving team and the capacity of our machines to provide unsurpassed quality make laser engraving by US Anodize an easy, cost-effective choice.

Contact us to learn more about our laser engraving services or request a quote for your project from our experts.


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